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Create, track, and manage certified mail online. We make it as easy as one, two, three.

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Create a cover page with a barcode in just a few clicks


Track your piece through the mail stream, every step of the way


Retrieve the proof of delivery right within Easy Send

Create certified mail online with an easy-to-use interface

Certified mail is complex, so we make it easy. Easy Send intuitively walks you through four simple steps that ensure every piece is created in accordance with the USPS requirements. And whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you can view and manage the most important mail your business sends from anywhere, at any time.

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Eliminate the manual process and old-fashioned forms

Replace tedious and time-consuming handwritten forms with your own printed cover page to display in a window envelope. Leave cumbersome green cards behind, and start leveraging the power of the USPS electronic return receipt with Easy Send, allowing you to receive a digital copy of the recipient's signature as legal proof of delivery.

Save postage and time with every piece you mail

Save $1.33 in postage on every piece of certified mail you send by opting for an electronic return receipt. Plus, eliminate the labor and associated costs with managing certified mail manually, so you can focus on the tasks you do best.

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Centralize tracking and signature storage for better visibility and piece of mind

No more manually entering long tracking numbers and digging through filing cabinets to retrieve a signature. Easily track the status of every piece right within Easy Send. All tracking events, cover pages, and electronic return receipts are safely stored in your account and available to download at any time.

Choose from flexible, volume-based pricing

We don't hide our pricing or tack on additional fees at the end like others. With Easy Send, simply choose your volume of mail pieces, and pay for the postage as you go. The more you mail, the more you can save!

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We solve certified mail to benefit your entire team

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Increase process efficiency and ensure accuracy of the most important outbound mail

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Keep the team focused on mission critical activities by eliminating manual, laborious certified mail processes

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Eliminate complexity and boost efficiency with a web-based application that supports a remote workforce

Millions of pieces created

Join hundreds of others who've created millions of pieces with our certified mail engine

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Why Easy Send?

Electronic postage

Electronic postage is automatically calculated and applied to your cover page for easy mailing.

Flexible account organization

Add unlimited users to your account and control individual access by adjusting a user’s role to Admin, Creator, or Viewer.

Helpful notifications and alerts

Be notified when your pieces are accepted and signed for by configuring email notifications for proof of acceptance and proof of delivery.

Built-in address correction

Eliminate format errors in your recipient addresses with the click of a button so your pieces are delivered — the first time.

USPS forms supported

Automatically generate and print a Firm Mailing Book (3877) or SCAN Form (5630) for proof of acceptance of large batches.

Simple refund process

No longer need to mail a piece? Request a refund right within your account. We’ll verify that it hasn’t been mailed, and your account will be refunded.

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